About Us

How It All Began...

In 2002, I walked through a local craft workshop. At that time, I am so impressed by the craftwork that did by the shop owner. The flowers, dolls, food and mini houses are all so details and beautiful. I really hope that I could make some by myself one day. In this year, I started my first clay course. 

After I born my daughter and my son, with the love to them, I quit my full time job. In the meantime, I part time working as a clay craft teacher in school. The Graceful Hands Arts & Craft Workshop was also founded.  

At first, we are in Ebay. Over the years,  the company and my family grew and grew.

Where we are ...

We are located in Hong Kong, a beautiful city at the southern coast of China. We are selling Arts & Craft supplies online and also providing sourcing services. If you want something which is not in our web store. You may also email us the details and we will try to find them and arrange official quote for your consideration.

The Future...

In addition to our commitment to great products, we also have a renewed commitment to you, our valued customers. We promise you:

  • Quality products with great value that you and your customer will love
  • Clear communication and respectful customer service
  • Our best efforts to stock the products you are excited about and prompt shipping

If you want to give us a little feedback, good or bad, send me a note directly at irene@gracefulhandscraft.com. You'll get a personal response. On behalf of the entire Graceful Hands team, I would like to say thank you for your business and we look forward to develop more and more beautiful projects together in the future.

Founder and Creative Director