FREE DHL SHIPPING - La Doll Premier 300g Modeling Clay 6pcs Pack

FREE DHL SHIPPING - La Doll Premier 300g Modeling Clay 6pcs Pack

Item Code: C003LDP-DHL

La Doll Premier, Padico Stone Clay, comes with 6 pieces in a small box and DHL shipping fee is included.    

6 pieces of La Doll 300 gram are in a small box and it will be delivered via DHL.

It takes less than 6 days for delivery

Premier is the most advanced formula in La Doll Series. Like La Doll, but with a finer body, allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces and bright white finish. Because of the white clay, it can be kneaded with colors and make your original colors. All paints and varnish are also acceptable. Can be blended with La doll for increased strength. No crumbling, no-stick. 

It is perfect for ball jointed dolls, figure dolls, miniature house, and diorama. 

Confirmed to ASTM D 4236. 

-La Doll Premier 300 grams x 6 pieces 
-DHL shipping fee is included in the price
Delivery areas:
The downtown area in USA, Canada, Europe (Except Russia), Australia and New Zealand. In order to make sure that your area is included in this promotion, please email us the postal code and country before purchase and we will reply within 12 hours. 

Tags: Clay, Sales, Stone Clay

Type: Clay

Vendor: Padico

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